OMG! WikiHow Is Teaching Black Magic In Just 14 Steps

Teaching Black Magic Steps

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The magic spells for evil purposes which are often practiced to beat the hurdles and to get what you want can be learned in only 14 steps given by Wikihow.

Black magic is dangerous if it is practiced without anyone’s direction or warning. Keeping this in mind, Wikihow is also cautious about it and has mentioned already to practice it safe and teaches the basics first.


Teaching Black Magic Steps

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For beginners it is relevant to know the determined cause and purpose of performing the spells. Identifying the paranormal energy and removing it is the crucial step of every black magic. For most evils the aim is to harm others and deprive others from peaceful lives by using the negative energies and powers.


Teaching Black Magic Steps

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The rituals to be performed step-wise of Wikihow’s guide also suggests the location first where the black magic is to be performed. A crowded place is less favorable as spirits will have a harder time to visit that place. Whereas, graveyards are perfect to caste the spells on conjuring dead. 

To ignite the magical effects, spells are important and Wikihow has also mentioned few spells which can be caste when all the steps are understood certainly. HaHa 😕

Spell for Love

Magic moon
Quarter bright
Give me what I ask tonight
A little love
Is all I need
I can do the rest indeed
Create no zombies; Make no trouble
I just need help to solve this puzzle
The one I love, (s)he needs a nudge
Into my arms, where (s)he can’t budge
And there (s)he will forever stay
For all of our remaining days

Spell For Revenge

I need revenge
On this black day
To make my troubles go away
A curse, a pox, a chanted hex
Any one should do
To make you, (target), understand
The hurting caused by you

Spell for Success

The world is gray
The sky is black
I need some of my poor luck back
Although I’ve worked so very hard
On bent and hobbled knees
If fate could make sure my next card
Has fortune, I’d be pleased
And though I don’t ask out of greed
Believe me when I say
Any luck you give to me
Will be used in the best way

Wikihow’s page has been viewed for 1,534,959 times which depicts a good figure of those who are keen to learn and follow the magic spells. 

Although their are no evidences found even after thorough research on paranormal, if black magic really works or not. One can probably control the breath or blood pressure but not the weather or a friend’s car.

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