Indian Village Renamed As ‘Snapdeal Nagar’ Because Of 15 Handpumps

Most of us are still unaware of the fact that there is a village renamed after Snapdeal in 2011, after the Indian E-commerce giant took an initiative and installed 15 hand-pumps in the village Shiv Nagar (old name), located in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The aid was initiated to overcome the hardships of villagers who had to walk over miles to meet their requirement of water. In return, the villagers gave the acknowledgement by renaming the village’s name to Nagar. The charitable project was given an outline from a conversation shared by Snapdeal colleagues to Kunal Bahl (CEO of Snapdeal), discussing about the hardships of people in a village near the National Capital Region.

snapdeal Handpumps

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Mr. Bahl visited the village and decided to donate a part of his revenue for a good deed. He said, “It cost us around $5,000 max, but it was quite life changing for residents there.”

Although, Mr. Bahl had never expected of getting anything (this big) in return, but the natives voted to rename their village with the company name. That’s how a billion dollar company also became the first e-commerce corporate, whose name was chosen as a name for an impoverished village.

“The intention was not for us to ask for money or anything. They just wanted to express their gratitude,” he conveyed.

He’d also shared a generous thought to all the business people saying that, “India has more than 6,40,000 incorporated companies which are considerably more bigger than us. With mere 10% of profit set aside to do something good, 64,000 villages can be served with clean water.”

Mr. Bahl had made bigger plans for the village’s infrastructure, school & offered couple of computers which villagers can use.  The villagers might not have the skills to access these computers but they are surely thankful for e-commerce today.

Likewise, Tata Nagar Railway Station was named in honor of Jamshedji Tata and Modi Nagar for Gujarmal Modi, who established Modi group of industries there.

Snapdeal has emerged as a front runner in performing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is highly commendable and worth obeying for other enterprises as well.