Various Memory Hacks That Will Make You Smarter

memory hacks

Image Credit – Mark Tedin


Brain works in mysterious ways. Learning how to harness the power of your brain can bring incredible insight and wisdom into your life. You might remember many incidences from your life, but undoubtedly also experienced that your brain stops working while you are sitting in an exam hall or when you try to memorize some digits or name. It’s tough, right? But it won’t be the same anymore. You can hack your brain intentionally to create desired results.

Here we are going to learn few memory hacks in brief, which won’t allow you to forget whatever you want to remember.

One of the simplest technique to recall your memory is by making a vivid story out of the things you want to memorize. It is quite easy to do, and takes almost no time at all. Also, it helps in recollecting the things in sequence. Incidentally, it seems like humans are actually better at remembering things in order than out of order.>

Example: I need to call Jeff, clean my toilet, pack my toothbrush, and make a dentist appointment.

Story: One day, Jeff came up to me and said ‘Hi’ while carrying a toilet. I threw my toothbrush into the toilet. In revenge, he picked at my teeth.

Another concept is of order and place, which is also called the ‘Mind Palace‘.

Here is a brief backstory on same: Once, a Greek poet named Simonides stepped out of a dinner party for a while. He came back and found a collapsed roof and corpses so disfigured that nobody can identify them, but Simonides. He remembered the exact position each guest was seated at before he left, by using a simple method.

You take a familiar surrounding (say your house) and settle on a route that will take you through the entire house. This is your “mind palace”.

Then, put everything you need to remember in the palace. Say you need to remember a shopping list:

-A bottle of milk
-A new lock
-A journal
-Some eggs
-A lamp

Imagine yourself walking to the front door and you see a different lock than the one you were using. That’s the “cue” you need to remember the list. Put these cues all over the house. The eggs could be on the table, the milk and ketchup could be beside the eggs for your breakfast. The journal could be in your bedroom and the lamp needs to be turned on for you to write in it.

The point is, put what ever you need to remember all over the house. Historical dates, Science facts. Take your pick. Connect those facts with something easy to remember, like “On the 10th day of Christmas (December), the Japanese sunk two British ships”. The stranger the connection, the better for you to remember it.

Also, the surrounding you pick is crucial. If you pick a random spot, you won’t remember what stuff’s placed there or where the rooms are. You’ll get confused this way.

As Franklin Roosevelt once said-

Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but
only prisoners of their own minds.