Tribute To These 60 Jobs In 60 Seconds Is A Must Watch For Every Indian!

While the well educated civilized people are contributing in developing the nation with their educational qualification, their also exist a vast category of those people who decide to take up the odd jobs beside knowing that it won’t lead to make their career.

From a rickshaw puller to a barber sitting under a banyan tree, we encounter almost all type of job workers everyday. They work hard with little or no less in return. With an idea to acknowledge these hard working Indian workers, Slingshotshowreel published a video to their YouTube Channel, titled as “60 Jobs, 60 Seconds!.” The video pays tribute to all the hard workers who are making a difference in world, in every second.

In mere 60 seconds, the video covers almost all the hard workers who equally hold a major part in contributing to the economy, sadly which was left covered until we came across this video.

Here Is A Tribute For 60 Jobs In 60 Seconds!

It is a great concept to be appreciated and shared among all the Indians to beat an unwanted differentiation on the basis of job status and treat everyone alike. RESPECT for these workers.