Learn To Travel The World With Almost No Money

Do u love traveling & often fight with the feelings of wanderlust ?travel world money

When you see your friends traveling first thought which comes to the mind is “Wow Wish I could travel like that”.  Learn how your wishes can get fulfilled here & travel with no money, anywhere.

We often heard “World is a dangerous place” as told by our friends, family and media as well. But to travel with almost No money firstly you have to come out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself mentally for the same.

Basic Mantras for Traveling Without Money

  1. You don’t have to be brave to travel, just have the courage to start.
  2. You don’t have to be rich to travel.
  3. There are three basic needs of traveling – Transportation, Accommodation and Miscellaneous Expenses.

If you minimize the basic needs of traveling it will automatically become a very cheap travel which you can ever imagine. Now learn the different methods to cut down your basic needs.

travel world moneyWays to make your Transportation cheaper


It is the way to travel by getting free lifts from passing vehicle. It is mainly about using common sense. The best thing of hitchhiking is that it allows you to have an adventure while you travel from one place to other.

So here is the hitchhiking guide for you:

  • First to start get out of cities, villages or wherever you live.
  • Stick up your thumb and ask for lift.
  • Don’t hitchhike during nights.
  • Talk to the driver when you are in the car, it is the only way to pay them by telling them your stories.
  • Don’t expect that people will always stop.
  • No matter how long you wait right ride will come.

2. Cycling

It may not be completely free because you have to buy the cycle and eventually fix it first but it is much cheaper than conventional other means of transportation.

3. Working

You can work in exchange of transportation, housands of establishments all over the world are waitingfor travelers to come and volunteer their farms, hostels,  retreats, and for their organizations in exchange for free room and board. Even if you have money saved for travel, this is an excellent way to extend the length of your trip.

travel world moneyWays to make you Accommodation cheaper

1. Couch Surfing

It is temporarily living in homes of local people or friends. A great way of exchanging cultures. Not only it is free but it allows you to have different perspective of the destination. You can hangout with your host and he will take you to places you would probably not go by yourself. You will find Couchsurfing.com helpful if you are planning to do the same.

2. Camping

If you have your own tents then you can sleep anywhere you want. You will be the master of your own location for a pleasant sleep. A perfect option for nature lovers.

3. Volunteering

There are lots of opportunities all around the world that offer you to work in exchange of accommodation and you would get chances to sleep in really beautiful rooms.
This is the most acceptable source if we talk worry about staying at a strange place.

You can sign up with trusted volunteering at  Helpx or Workaway which are offering for accommodation & food as well.

4. Housesitting

Another most comfortable option for free lodging is housesitting.
In exchange for looking over the property and feeding the pets, you may be blessed to live with a big two-bedroom house, a garden and a courtyard . Many travel bloggers, particularly families and single parents, travel and live abroad through housesitting opportunities across Europe, Bali, Thailand, Mexico & many more.
Get yourself registered at mindmyhouse.com to begin the adventure today.

Ways to reduce the Miscellaneous Expenses

travel world money

Drinking is injurious to health.

1. Food

In rich countries and cities you can buy food in supermarket which is the cheapest affordable source and enjoy meal in streets or you can cook with your host which can be a pretty unique experience.

2. Dumpster Diving

Over 40-50% of food that has been produced is being thrown away by supermarkets. Lot of people have problem with that. So they go to supermarkets after closing hours buy all the food that is not going to be sold day after.

3. Alcohol

When it comes to Drinks and Booze try to avoid bars & restaurants and prefer drinking in parks.

For travel to truly be sustainable, you’ll need to start earning some income sooner or later. So you can earn easily earn by selling your unused stuffs at olx.in or some other sites offering you some money in exchange of your own used goods.

These are some of the ways you can travel really cheap but it all comes down to your gut feeling. If after all these ideas and knowledge you still have that wanderlust, then you should definitely go for it NOW.
Forget about your fears, disregard that you are broke, just leave and Hit the Roads.

Like the famous Quote says

“In twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did”.