This 8 Minute Video Will Screw Indian’s Brain

Last year one of the Youtube channel #HollyShit came up with the most humble request to BAN few things in India.
Luckily they were not talking about the products to be banned like #maggi.
But were mainly discussing about the poisonous Indian people spreading venom in the population of 400crore.

Watch the entire 8minute till the end.


The channel says, this video got banned so they skipped some of the scenes of this video.
Sikander (the host) has mentioned all the epic members to be banned including the 2rs people (KRK) .
[This ain’t amusing, we are serious!]

We also feel it is our responsibility to boycott them instead of asking our politicians to take a step (we all know how much they are busy working everyday & got no time for bullshit)
 We are not the only one pissed off with them, you will agree watching this episode whatever they said is absolutely mind boggling & correct.

Channel: HollyShit