This Man Has A Proof That ‘Bharat Pita Ki Jai’ Is More Correct

Bharat Mata Pita Ki JaiVarious articles had been written over ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ lately. Scroll with its well researched article is a must read. A small excerpt is given here-

The concept of worshiping prithvi, the earth, has long been part of Hinduism. However, modern forms of equating a nation with a mother goddess first arose in Bengal. 

Although, its Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay (1838-94) who had transformed Bharat Mata into a fully fledged Hindu goddess and a symbol of India. And later Aurobindo Ghosh carried this idea of fusing Religion into Nationalism.

Aurobindo  Ghosh – one of the fathers of Hindu nationalism – replied with an answer that is especially relevant today. Pointing to a map of British India on the wall, Ghosh said:

“Do you see this map? It is not a map but the portrait of Bharat Mata: its cities and mountains rivers and jungles form her physical body. All her children are her nerves, large and small…Concentrate on Bharat as a living mother, worship her with nine-fold bhakti.

But now we have another twist in the story. And well it seems convincing too. Should we say Bharat Mata or Bharat Pita ?