This LED Selfie Phone Case Is What You Need To Buy After Selfie Stick

Selfie lovers who weren’t able to take a perfect selfie in dark, Good News! The problem has been resolved. Now you can take a perfect selfie anytime and anywhere without bothering about the light and darkness.

LED Selfie Phone Case

LuMee has invented an iPhone case with LED lights in front, which lets you capture selfies even in dark. It’s brightness can be adjusted accordingly with it’s control level given at the back. It comes with it’s own battery and takes approximately 45 min to get charged.

It has been invented by a 57 Years old Allan Shoemake who got this idea of invention while he was on Skype with his daughter studying in Italy.

“I said, “I can hardly see you. Why don’t you go by the window?” Mr Shoemake told Alexa Valiente at ABC News.

‘I said to my wife, “Why don’t they have a light out there to help light up cellphones or computers?”

With that in mind, Mr Shoemake plugged in Christmas lights around a foam board and attached it to his computer.

LED Selfie Phone Case

Kim Kardashian Using LED phone case.
(She Partners With LuMee)

It costs for around $40 and is currently only available on Amazon.

The cases are made in China and Mr Shoemake says he is now producing around 18,000 cases each week.

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be able to buy a LuMee case this October, and a similar case for iPad and other tablets is currently in development.

It is surely going to be a next big thing after Selfie Sticks & Drone.

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