This Hyderabadi Restaurant Doesn’t Allow You To See Food

Hyderabadi Restaurant Darkness food dialogue

Out of innumerable theme based restaurant, there also exist one in Hyderabad which offers food, but you can’t see it.

That’s the whole idea of Dialogue In The Dark, a place where you don’t pay for food but for tantalizing experience.

Hyderabadi Restaurant Darkness founders

S.V. Krishnan and Sudha – The Founders of DiD, Hyderabad

According to their site, Taste Of Darkness is a gastronomic experience you cannot replicate or even hope to experience again elsewhere.

Here are some of the reviews shared by the visitors on Zomato.

Hyderabadi Restaurant food

Hyderabadi Restaurant food

Hyderabadi Restaurant food Maximum visitors are happy with this experience of flavors in darkness that one remembers for a lifetime. The restaurant costs around Rs. 900 (approx) for two people and offers lunch, dinner, along with buffet. Also, the place is accessible for wheelchair.

Hyderabadi Restaurant Darkness visitors

Visitors to the center are given canes before entering to feel their way in the darkness

A proper, formal, sit-down dinner with 50 people, in a room that’s bathed in complete darkness. Would you enjoy it?

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