These Rich Russian Kids Are Spending Equivalent To A Country’s GDP

Socializing is fun and when it comes to stalking, checking out the rich teens can be the most entertaining thing one can do on internet. While scrolling Instagram, we noticed an account of RichRussianKids highlighting the Rich Kids from Russia who are spending like one would always wonder in dreams.

These rich brats own luxurious cars, prefers the most expensive alcohol, pet wild animals and loves everything to be plated in gold.

Check Out! It will make you feel more poorer.

Weekends are NO FUN without FERRARI

Waiting for the food to get served on a personal Yacht!

Driving in wrong lane is a THUG LIFE and wait it’s a Merc.

Choosing vehicle is a big dilemma! Which one? 1hp vs 544hp?

Rich KIDS got enough to spend and THROW THE MONEY in streets,
out of the car.