The 10 Most BadAss MotorCycles For The Beast In You

There is something about a motorcycle that is inherently manly. Motorcycle is a lifelong companion that helps you to commute, do backflips and burnouts, wheelies and stoppies and what not.

There is something in a bike that is powerfully seductive. Even if there’s a girl sitting on the bike the beast beneath always shines through.

You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle
– Dan Aykroyd

Taking into consideration our love for Motorcycles, we have listed ten world’s most extraordinary, exquisite and Bad-ass motorcycles ever made :



Powered by 2163cc engine this bike not only runs, it flies. P51 is made from aircraft grade aluminium. Clearly, P51 Fighter doesn’t look like anything out there on the road. Confederate really challenged every single piece on this bike. This bike is not cheap…nor it is common. A total of 61 P51 Combat Fighter Special Editions are scheduled to be crafted, priced at around $125,000 USD.



Everything about the Rocket 3 is big, from the liquid cooled 2300cc engine to its 148 bhp horsepower generation capacity. It has biggest engine of any production motorcycle in the business today. It is big and beefy on papers as well as in real life too. It is priced at 16000$.

Its definitely not for the beginner riders, but for the experienced ones who like to cruise for a longer distances.