10 Super Interesting Museums In The World

Museum more often perceived as a place which contains boring collection of artifacts and other objects for public exhibitions. But, there also exists various bizarre museums across the globe which are known for their wacky and weird collections and are a major attraction for explorers.

We have rounded up a list of ten such interesting museums, which will leave you spellbound and adds a thrill to your trip.


Interesting Museums In The World

Image Source – uwishunu

If you are desirous of knowing about the mysteries and beauty of human body then this museum will tantalize you. It displays 3000 osteological specimens which include distended ovaries, two-headed babies, skeletons, tumours, colons and other eccentrics for medical research. The museum also has parts of brain of genius Albert Einstein.


Interesting Museums In The World

Image Source : Phallus.in

As the name strikes, this place is collection of all the things penile. It contains more than 215 penises which belong to the land and sea mammals found in Iceland. This museum has been lucky enough to receive legally – certified gift tokens for four specimens of humans too.