Ten Future Weapons Of Indian Army Which Are Driving Neighborhood Crazy

Given the state of affairs and metamorphosis that the world is going through, it has become the need of the hour for Indian economy to bring high tech and new advanced equipment’s for its Indian Army.

Below is the list of weapons compiled that one can expect in the near future:


This stunner is a stealth UCAV (Unnamed Combat Ariel Vehicle) and is expected to be showcased in 2020. Its weight will be less than 15 tonnes and has the potential of flying at altitudes of over 30,000 ft! Moreover, this beauty could be armed with missiles (both nuclear and conventional) and precision bombs. AURA is the coming future!

2. HAL LCH (Light Combat Helicopter)

To begin with, LCH is capable of going heights to as high as 7000 mts. It is armed with 20mm canon and holds the potential of carrying multiple air to surface/air to air/anti-tank missiles along with cluster/gravity/guided bombs.


Currently under development, it is expected to be commissioned by 2025. It will be nuclear powered and almost 50% larger than INS Vikramaditya.

4. Project 17A- Class Frigate:

This project comprises of 7 stealth frigates for Indian Navy, with each frigate costing close to half a billion dollars. The first ship is expected to delivered by 2022.

5. Arjun MK-II Main Battle Tank:

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This is going to be the futuristic main battle tank of the Indian Army and an improvised version of MK-I. Its main features are:

– Capable of fighting in the night

– To counter the aerial targets, it has the Air defense system.

– Its main weapon is 120 mm rifled gun, and can strike the targets as far as 8 kms.

– Raised protection suite

6. HAL Tejas Mark 1A

The aircraft is the answer of HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) and ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency). Its code name is Tejas Mark 1A. Though, still under construction, it boasts of:

– ASEA radar

– Combat radius: 500 km

– Mid air refueling probes to elevate the range of the aircraft.

7. Hypersonic BrahMos II:

A scaled down model of Brahmos-II

This cruise missile will be developed with the agreement between India and Russia enabling to destroy even the most modern systems. The name BrahMos is a combination name formed from the names of two rivers, the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia.


– 200 kg warhead 

– Will be able to fly at variable speeds of 6-7 Mach, kinetic energy created by this speed which can prove to be a death blow.

– It can be launched from air, land, sea and submarine platforms

8. Project 75I-class submarine

This mighty submarine is fabricated with HLES-80 high grade steel, giving the capacity to dive at greater depths. It is powered by 2 diesel engines that are complemented by 2 Jeumont- Schneider EPM Magtronic batteries. It can strike land and surface targets as well. Its application is for mine laying, anti-shipping operations, intelligence mission etc.

9. Dassault Rafale:

Dassault Rafale is a French twin-engine fighter aircraft which is selected for purchase by the Indian Air Force in a multi million dollar deal with France. It is now an official aircraft of Indian Army.

– It can be deployed for carrying out air-ground, nuclear mission, air-air and interception.

– It is powered by 2 Snecma M88 turbofan engines

– Comba radius: 1900km

– Has the ability of striking targets deep within enemy territory

10. Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA):

Russia began the construction of a fifth generation stealth enabled aircraft and India was taken in as a working partner. India will be getting 144 of these aircrafts.

– It is powered by 2 NPO developed Saturn izdeliye 117 engine

– It can reach up to the altitudes of 65000 ft.

– Range: 3500km

– It can be utilized for neutralizing air-air, radiation missiles, air ground and guided munition.

– Its optical suite and ultra violet sensors as counter measures against any enemy attack or threat.

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