This Is How The Birth Of Newborn Baby In Air Plane Went Controversial

newborn baby in air plane

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On 8 Oct, the destination of China Airlines (Flight 8), which was supposed to go Los Angeles, was changed to Alaska, as a Taiwanese woman passenger went into labor somewhere above the Pacific Ocean & luckily, the delivery was made in flight, with the help of flight crew members and few doctor passengers available in flight. The flight ended up at Alaska for postpartum care.

(The birth of newborn baby in air plane was recorded by a flight passenger named Amira Rajput)

newborn baby in air plane

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Sounds incredible, but the sources say that, lady lied about her pregnancy just to board the plane, wishing to deliver the child in US.

Now the mother is in Taiwan leaving her infant in US. Taiwanese government & media is highly upset with her. She deported back to her home country and is being criticized by Taiwanese government to recover the cost of diversion of flight, caused due to her pregnancy.

Birth Tourism

The fact, that, anyone born in US becomes the citizen of US, is promoting birth tourism and is also causing a problem in Eastern Asia. People are curious to deliver their child in US so that he may become a legal US citizen.

These children are known as ANCHOR BABIES.

As per the evidences recovered, majority of immigrants are coming to own the US citizenship, otherwise known as “Birth Tourism.” Parents often plan a six month tourist VISA and lately end up delivering the child, only to be acknowledged as a citizen of US.

This birth tourism is more promoted in China. As per the statistics submitted by the government in 2012, more than 10,000 children born in US belong to Chinese families. The recent estimates are expected to be much higher.

“Birth tourism” is real, and it’s a problem — particularly in East Asia

To tackle this unhealthy rat race of birth tourism, US embassy officials in home countries became more strict before issuing VISA and now they are permitted to ask any question which can prove that the family intends no fake reason of having an anchor baby.

Also, when a woman travels to US, some custom authorities and border protection officers follows the same procedure . Lying to either of them is illegal and would be considered breaking up the law, resulting, invalidation of the term of VISA.

newborn baby in air plane

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Not much details could be collected later regarding the Taiwanese lady and her child. The question is left unanswered as why she was allowed to return Taiwan, leaving the child behind in US ?
But, it is certainly clear that her ‘birth tourism’ got completely ruined.

Otherwise in a genuine case, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would have required some documentation of the birth, generally an excerpt of the ship’s/aircraft’s medical log, reflecting the time, latitude, and longitude when the birth occurred.

Also, the location of plane would influence the decision of child’s citizenship. If the plane was in US horizon above a location on US soil, or above ocean within a US territory (a 12-mile stretch from the shore) — he would have been declared a US citizen.

The fact that US government deported the Taiwanese woman so early, hardly within few days when she delivered the baby, shows that government takes birth tourism very seriously.

Although, it is still not making it clear, if the child would be raised in US or not ?

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