These Stylish Elders Are Much More Trendy And Fashionable Than You

Stylish Elders Trendy Cool Fashionable

You thought an expensive pair of jeans, branded sneakers and a Tshirt will make you look fashionable and you will be noticed everywhere? Well, these trendy seniors will leave you in splits.

Their sparkling fashion sense has proved that age is just a number.

Stylish Elders Trendy Cool Fashionable


A photographed series called ‘Advanced Style: Older and Wiser’, by¬†Ari Seth Cohen has presented these stylish photographs of people who are of 60+ age. Also, his blog Advanced Style is targeted to older people who spend their days with fun.

The photographer has traveled across globe in order to prove that age has nothing to do with number but with attitude.

They are going to make your wardrobe collection feel boring and make you fantasize to look like them in your late 60’s.

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