This Student Who Chose To Become A ‘Roll Wala’ Is Now A MILLIONAIRE

Epic Millionaire Student Rollwala Pune

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The explicit competition among the degree holders is making everyone to follow the rat race of success. After graduation, while everyone is either taking a decision for higher studies or job, we came across an anonymous person on Quora who instead of being part of an ordinary clan, chose to become a Roll Wala after he completed his English (Hons.) in 2011. The best part is, now he is a MILLIONAIRE!

NOTE : The reason why he went anonymous has strong reasons read till end to find the answers.

Aslam (fictional name given to the young businessman) answered for a monthly salary question and with no shame he revealed how much he earns every month with his business model, which is often kept as a secret by businessmen.

27 years old, Aslam from Pune sell Kathi rolls along with four people hired at his shop. His income varies with the number of sale made in a day and on an average he sells 250 rolls everyday and sometimes 1000 rolls on weekends.

His detailed analysis says –

Average margin on each roll = Rs. 30 ($0.46)

Monthly  income from sales = Rs. 30 * 250 * 28 = Rs. 2,10,000 ($3231)

Rent for the place = Rs 20000 ($308)

Salaries of workers = Rs 48000 ($739)

Other expenses = Rs 10000 ($154)

Income = Rs. 1,30,000 ($2000) approx.

Epic Millionaire Student Rollwala Pune

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It all started years back when Aslam’s family certified him as a blot. He secretly moved to his friend’s place who offered him shelter for a month. Even today he is an out caste and his family thinks that he is barely surviving. He shares his experience of watching his customers at his food joint, specially the IT engineers grown from his family and wonder he is earning more than them.

Today, Aslam has enough money in his bank account and has bought a flat too. He is further planning to expand his business with more roll joints in his city. He has shared his business model with others before, but they don’t believe him. The reason why he went anonymous for this post has strong reasons- like people will ask for discount on roll after knowing the business model and much more.

The only worst part which he has faced on becoming a Roll Wala so far is, girls call him Bhaiyya!

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