Remember Sahil Khan From The Movie ‘Style’? He Is A Beast Now


Sahil Khan body building pics

We have all known Sahil Khan since the time of his first movie Style in 2001, and a faded images of young lean boy appears in our mind. But what he is now is a totally different story. His body transformation is the best we have seen within bollywood celebs so far. He has already earned various nicknames like Indian Rambo and Style Boy.

Currently, he is the brand ambassador of Mumbai Bodybuilding Association and a proud owner of  India’s First Beach Gym- ‘Muscle n Beach Gym’, in Goa. 

We have listed few of his pics from his Instagram account, which proves he has got the best body so far…

He has certainly proved his mettle with that amazing physique


Hardwork Pays Off


While giving training in his gym..


Every pic comes out to be unique, if you have such physique 


Get Ripped Or Die Trying


Those pumped up biceps 


 He has fans and followers from every walk of life

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And Some More Fans..


Being in a perfect shape from every angle imaginable

He also provides a 14 Week Body transformation program for someone looking for a quick physical makeover.