This Beautiful Poetry By Red FM RJ Rishi Is Something You Don’t Wanna Miss

Did you see the Nescafe’s ad which features a stubborn RJ and a cup of coffee? (Nescafe collaborated with Red FM for their new campaign #StayStarted)

This inspiring ad video starts with RJ Rishi, played by actor Sumeet Thakur, hosting a challenging early morning radio show, urging sleepyheads to wake up in a bid to get listeners to dial in. The concept of this ad is based on real life struggle of RJ Rishi who is a first timer with big dreams in his eyes and the ability to reach the stars. He is quirky and has a fun take on everything.

He sees the world with his own unique twist to it and hence his morning starts with a thought starter and not just a thought for the day. He waits for people to call him and his struggle is real. But nothing deters him because he is in his own ‘dheet-ness’, and that translates to his perseverance and his ability to find humor in everything.

He is relatable and his language is something every person on the street understands.

This guy is again trending these days with his beautifully composed verses, inspiring his audiences to work & win. Titled as “Chalo Aaj Kuch Kar Kur Lete Hai.” This beautiful poetry can encapsulate ideas of any listener in the minimum of words. It has lifted the listeners out of the ordinary and given glimpses of a more illumining reality.

This phrase defines him the best-

Pagal Samjhi Thi Duniya Jab Bola Karodo Ki Bheed Mein Ungliyo Pe Gina Jaunga,

Bass Aise He Pagal Naam Bada Kar Kur Lete Hai..

(They laughed at my dream and called me insane when I told them about being famous one day, and such insane are the successful one’s.)

Here is the poem-


You can hear RJ Rishi, Monday to Friday with his show Nescafe Mornings, morning 5:30AM to 7:30AM