7 Hilarious Iconic Radhe Maa Cartoon Figures Which Have True Sense

Sukhvinder Kaur worldwide known as Radhe Maa born in Punjab earned her followers who state that she was drawn to spirituality as a child, and spent a lot of time at the Kali temple in her village. However, according to people of her village, she did not show any spiritual leanings as a child. Recently, Radhe Maa has been accused of indecent behavior by advocate Falguni Brambhatt who has filed a complaint of obscenity, as the god-woman reportedly allows her followers to kiss and hug her. But her preachings influenced her followers so much that she is well known as Goddess in real life with also helped to veil her sins .
7 Hilarious Radhe Maa Cartoon Figures made by Artist Mayank will make a better sense than her own preachings.


1. Angry Indian Wives

radhe maa


2.  The Tharki Wishesradhe maa


3. Follow The Selfie Trendradhe maa


4. Nirmal Baba partner in crime.radhe maa


5. Suggestion of Donation Policies jisse kirrpa barsegi radhe maa


6. Radhe Maa’s preaching to PK, regarding fikri. radhe maa


7. Well known Gimmick to be awarded.radhe maa