Unexpected Answers: This Is What Youth Of Pakistan Thinks About India

What if I say that two nations theory is a hoax and their is a realistic way to unite back?

An important noticeable factor is that, this hatred in decreasing gradually with time – from generation to generation. The new generation want to move on.

As surveyed by Gabdig, we came up with some of the brilliantly unexpected answers from these ordinary students from Pakistan. They are the voice of their nation and talk openly about the bitter relationship of Indo-Pak.


Pakistani Youth Thinks About IndiaMian Abdullah Mustafa (From Lahore, Pakistan)

We all are upset because of the growing tension between India and Pakistan, and for that we keep blaming ‘ISI’ and ‘RAW’. I wonder, if an Indian girl called ‘Geeta’ can live happily in Pakistan for so many years; if an Indian NGO ‘Bluebells Community’ can raise funds for the treatment of a 15 year old Pakistani girl ‘Saba’, and if Pakistanis and Indians can live together peacefully in a same community in foreign countries then why can we not live happily in our own countries?

Why we always fail to maintain peace on our borders and get involved in a proxy war against each other? Well! In my opinion it is because of lack of sincere and sensible leadership in both countries.

Until this issue is not resolved we cannot sit idle and let violent elements of our society play with our minds. We should spread positive notions about each other. What we need to do is to highlight people like ‘Abdustar Edhi’ and ‘Geeta’ on both sides of border, and I am sure we will find so many like these..


Pakistani Youth Thinks About IndiaTaimur Sharif (From Islamabad, Pakistan)

Living only in past will never let you plan for the future. This is what I studied & was taught by my teachers as a student of Business administration.

To plan a safe future, where you know how to deal with complex problems is only possible when you analyze the past problems. Similarly coming to the relations between Pakistan & India, we have learned a lot from problems we faced due to lack of attention towards other sectors & more focusing on causing harm to each other.

To revolt in-competencies of our governments & highlighting problems prevailing in various sectors like economy. The need of an hour is the directional action on a common man’s part to eradicate in-discrimination & formulate a positive working environment with individuals on the other side, because “never underestimate the power of a common man”.

In last I would just say that Pakistan & India is like a couple who still #Love & #Hate each other at the same time even after divorce 🙂


Pakistani Youth Thinks About IndiaUmair Aman (From Peshawar, Pakistan)

In my opinion, we don’t need India as an enemy when we have discovered a bunch of enemies within. A fair play of India Pakistan’s cricket match turns into an evil, but lately we all confess to be known as ONE.

I’ve been in touch with some of the Indians in recent phase and discovered a great bond with them. Their was no change, they accepted my opinions, suggestions, thoughts and were curious to know more about Pakistan. I had the same feeling for them and was always keen to know more about India. Apparently, we believe what media reveals and there are hardly few news channels talking about unity and integrity. I would like to draw the attention of media from both the countries and request them to highlight the good things, good talks, good people and their messages with blessings to both the nations.

Speaking on behalf of entire Pakistan’s youth, I hopefully wish in future, our countries will have leaders who will stop drumming political propaganda and BS into our minds and count us ONE. Let this stereotype hatred end instead of passing it on from generations to generations. 


Pakistani Youth Thinks About IndiaSaqib Javed, (From Lahore, Pakistan)

I wish a very good health to all my Indian brothers and sisters. It is very sad to see that since 1947 both India and Pakistan have been involved in war directly or indirectly and seeds of hate are being sown in our hearts for each other. And one of the reasons behind this is that both Indians and Pakistanis have forgotten the teachings of their great leaders ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Jinnah’, who were peace lovers and were experts of settling disputes on table.

Those who believe that Indians and Pakistanis are worst enemies of each other, I just want to remind them that people of both these countries have been living together for hundreds of years. These 70 years of separation cannot diminish the love and compassion we have had for each other for so many centuries. I don’t get that how it is possible that by just drawing a line (border) between two countries we can differentiate that people living on either side are good or bad.

In the end I would like to quote Richa Chadda, an Indian actress of ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ fame who recently gave an interview to a Pakistani newspaper and said “I think those who want war are just louder than those who want peace.” This is exactly what I feel. It is not only those extremists and violent elements of our countries who are responsible for all these tensions between us, but also those who believe in friendship and good relations but do not come forward and play their part in reducing gaps.