NCERT Class V School Book Says, “Bhagat Singh Was A Terrorist”

Their has already a lot of criticism on the school and college books with 182 errors, teaching wrong lessons. But, the history books of school is not only teaching a wrong lesson, the prominent historical leaders are also missing from them. Recently, the questions has been raised from Class V history book that was issued by UPA Government and it says, Bhagat Singh was a revolutionary terrorist.

Not only this, 45 years old Rahul Gandhi is still mentioned as a “bright young politician.”

Some factual errors also came to the notice of other Classe history books. A Frenchman is shown smoking cigar in class X’s history book and no reference has been given to the role of Netaji for Indian Independence. Further, more importance has been given to “Cricket” than French Revolution in Class IX books.

On June 24, 2015  the NDA government set out to rectify “errors” in NCERT history textbooks introduced by the UPA.

Some recommendations that were made included adding Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s role in history and omitting a picture of a Frenchman smoking a cigar on page 44 of the Class 10 book.

Given the fact that one of India’s greatest leaders finds no place in history text books of the country underlines the political controversy surrounding him.

Based on these erroneous mistakes in school books can we say that are our generation is in a right direction ?

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