The Miraculous Graves Of Laila And Majnu

If you have heard the epic love story of Laila-Majnu & thought it to be a fiction then you are mistaken. Their graves officially exist in Binjaur village (near Anupgarh City), Rajasthan, which is a remark of their everlasting love story.


laila majnu

Graves of fictional lovers “Laila Majnu”.

Many people associate this Mazar (mausoleum) with fictional lovers Laila and Qais (Majnu). According to them Laila-Majnu were from Sindh and came to this place escaping from the clutches of Laila’s parents and her brother who were against love of Laila-Majnun.

The two fictional lovers were not permitted to get married together, they couldn’t bear this separation & eventually died.

Laila died of heartbreak from not being able to see her would-be lover, after she was forced to get married to some other guy. Majnu was later found dead near Laila’s grave. It is also believed that he carved three verses of poetry on a rock near the grave, which are the last three verses attributed to her.

“I pass by these walls, the walls of Laila
And I kiss this wall and that wall
It’s not Love of the walls that has enraptured my heart
But of the One who dwells within them.”


 Laila Majnu

People taking blessings from the graves of Laila Majnu Mazar.

An annual fair is held every year in the month of June for 5 days where hundreds of couple come to seek blessing and offer prayers for the legendary lovers who died for each other. Prasad or langar (free meal) is also organized for the visitors.

It is also believed that the visitors coming in pair, remains together forever.

Diversified by Religion

graves Laila Majnu Tomb

The Tomb of Laila Majnu grave.

Both Hindus & Muslims have faith in Laila Majnu graves to be auspicious, believing that all the wishes come true. Before the war of Kargil, this place was open for Pakistani visitors as well. Later, border was closed for them.

Appreciation in movies

The story of Laila Majnu has been praised a lot by Indian Media and others as well, India made many movie with the Title “Laila Majnu” for several times and in various languages, the final being release in 1976 starring Rishi Kapoor.

Pakistani, Irani and Soviet Media has also released movies under the same title.

Although, the place has got no recognition & attention much. But now, it can be a great attraction for those who thought it to be fictional once & have also been a part of Laila Majnu Drama before.