Microsoft Terminates The Support For Windows 8 And IE 8/9/10 For The Good

microsoft terminates support for windows 8

Today Microsoft ends its support to a 3-year old Windows-8, which means the end user will not be able to get critical updates for Windows 8. Also, Microsoft is ending its support to older versions of its Internet Explorer browser, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10.

This is a big move from Microsoft and it seems that the tech giant is pushing its end users to its new OS i.e Windows 10, which is free to upgrade from Win 8.

microsoft terminates support for windows 8

Microsoft’s move to push its users from outdated OS and buggy web browser by stopping the support for them seems to be a good decision. That means users of Windows 8/8.1 will need to upgrade to Windows 10, in order to continue to protect their PC from security risks.

Also, Windows 10 comes with a next level of browser called Microsoft Edge, which offers a clean design, access to Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana, the ability to doodle or annotate web pages with notes and, a “Reading View” among other things.

microsoft terminates support for windows 8

As we know Microsoft is working heavily on its futuristic OS Windows 10, which can be beneficial to end users in countless ways. In coming days we will see Cortana baked deep into the core of OS, Win 10 powered HoloLens, smooth continuum effect by which your Windows phone can be turned into a PC and much more.

Time to Upgrade to Windows 10 🙂