Michel Lotito – The Man Who Ate An Airplane And Everything Else

Michel Lotito (aka Monsieur Mangetout) which means “Mr Eat Everything” belongs to Grenoble, France. He ate everything from dirt to bikes to even an airplane in his lifetime.

When he was a school boy he used to amuse people by allowing them to brutalize him by chums. Everyone involved used to laugh a lot.

In his youth he suffered from a mental disorder PICA in which he ate all non – food items from dirt to metals. Later the French “entertainer” found that it was because of very thick lining in his stomach and then he gave his disorder a turn as his career.


Cessna-150 Aircraft Michel’s most famous work or we can say his favorite meal which he consumed for 2 years from 1978-80

He broke the metal pieces in small pieces and used mineral oil for lubrication and huge quantity of water for gulping in his throat and to pass them through his intestine.

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Michel Lotito airplane

Michel in Action

For around 40 years he ate one kilogram of metal each day. In his lifetime he consumed nearly 9 tons of metal.

Michel Lotito followed a strict diet of herbs and fibers for his digestive system to work in super-efficient manner. But as a true professional , just three weeks later, he ate an entire robot bit by bit. The stuntman with a stomach of steel broke his own record of eating 8 pounds of bicycle in 15 days by eating more than 15 pounds of bicycle in 12 days.

Michel Lotito Meal

Lifetime Meal : A few of non – foods items consumed by the ultimate showman

Apart from the given above he ate a coffin, a steel chain half km long and computer too. Michel Lotito once said that bananas and hard boiled eggs made him sick. Now, that’s something to be noted 🙄

Lotito died on 25 June 2007 due to natural causes in his 57th year of life.