Lucky Ali: The Man Whose Songs Still Create A Parallel World Around Us

lucky ali

Indian singer-songwriter, composer and actor LUCKY ALI who gave us the unforgettable peppy numbers like ‘Ek pal ka jeena and album ‘Sifar’ is missing.

He is always absent from the limelight. Yes. Media attention do not interest him. Yes.

But, he is still the most favorite singer for majority of 90’s kids, including me. His famous songs ‘Kabhie Aisa Lagta Hai’ and ‘O Sanam’ still creates a bustle in the heart of music lovers.

Lucky Ali debuted in Bollywood with the song “Na Tum Jaano Na Hum”, featured in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000). He received the 2001 Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer for this song. He has been a wanderer all his life, trying his hands at odd jobs — from being a horse breeder to an oil rigger, farmer, an actor to a musician. It was only in music that Lucky Ali found solace.

Ali’s voice is extremely different from other singers around. And the lyrics he used to chose combined with that sublime and untrained voice, makes a deadly combo.

His subtle nature of being reserved for most of the times has made him disappear from the market but his songs can still be found in many playlists. Whatsoever might be the reason of his disappearance, he likes it this way. You’ll never find him in any award shows or TV shows, as his inner soul is satisfied with his own piece of work. Although he has not done any album in past few years, but he has not quit singing. He keeps on performing live in various fests and concerts.

In an interview Ali said,

The achievements in someone’s life are meaningless because nothing lasts permanent. Ultimately, you’ll have to leave everything behind and hence, I believe that whatever one achieves can be truly estimated only after one dies.


lucky ali

This 58 years old singer and composer undoubtedly looks really handsome even today, and is living a peaceful life with his third wife Kate Elizabeth Hallam, who is a British model and former beauty queen.

lucky ali

The couple have a son named Dani Maqsood Ali.

Nowadays, Lucky is passionately promoting and contributing to the development of agro-farming lands. He says that it really excites him. He believes, we need to create and save agricultural from the jaws of urbanization and industrialization — the two major issues that threaten mankind.

His latest bollywood release was with the song Safarnama composed by AR RAHMAN, featured in movie ‘Tamasha’. This song resurrect everyone’s love for traveling.

lucky ali

Thought provoking lyrics, engrossing and melodious music have remain the key ingredients in all the songs of Lucky Ali. For every time you hear him, you’d feel nostalgic and miss him.

According to some, he only do those songs which he really finds deserving. This speaks volume! #Respect