Spectacular View of Lions Hunting On The Road Full Of Cars

Visitors of Kruger National Park in South Africa witnessed the breath taking scene of an antelope (deer like animal) being savaged by two lions.

Briton Carolyn Dunford, 23  who is doing her internship at Kruger National Park, took the incredible photos of the bloody drama happening in the midst of the busy traffic road earlier this year.

This rare scene was enjoyed by the wild-eyed lovers with their window seats open.

Lions Hunting on the Road (4)

This wild life reserve considered as one of the biggest reserve in South Africa, and is home to several species including buffaloes, black rhinoceros, elephants, lions, leopards and antelopes.

Lions Hunting on the Road (1)

Kudu was grazing behind the bushes when it came in view of the Big cats for their breakfast.

According to Carolyn Dunford (as told to dailymail), “The kudu (a type of antelope) burst from the bushes and lions chased it into the cars. The first lion grabbed onto its back and the second came in and grabbed its throat. They both tackled it”

All the visitors were forced to standstill to be a eye witness of this once in a lifetime view of the lions hunting on the road.

Lions Hunting on the Road (5)

The lions were ready to slaughter the kudu to death. They wrestle with the prey and pinned down it to the ground. One of the lion made his first bite on kudu’s neck and continued tearing its flesh apart. It was a small quick incidence and kudu was sentenced to death by the king of the jungle.

Lions Hunting on the Road (3)

Miss Dunford has spent the last year working on a project based on the lions itself and is currently working as an intern at the veterinary research centre at the park in the north – east of the country.

Lions Hunting on the Road

“As a biologist , I understand the circle of life. For me it was really fascinating to watch a lion hunt. It’s privilege to see it happen and the power of the lions. It was amazing. I love being right in the heart of action “, said Dunford.

She took some of these fascinating snaps of the scene and soon they got viral on the net.