Watch: The Life Of Otis Johnson After 44 Years Of Imprisonment

Otis Johnson was imprisoned for 44 years and has recently got released. He was 25 years old when he was put into jail for attempting a murder of police officer and is 69 years old now. On his release, the prison handed him his ID, $40 and two bus tickets.

Life Of Otis Johnson

Otis Johnson

When he came outside, he realized the changes that have taken place in his absence and compares the same with his later days of 1975.

Prison has affected him a lot, and his re-entry to the outside world is a complete change.
The payphones in his days which used to charge 25 cents for making a call was now for $1 and surprisingly, not used anymore.

He described his visit to Times Square NYC, in an interview with Al Jazeera’s.

Life Of Otis Johnson times square

Otis observing his surroundings at Times Square, NYC


Life Of Otis Johnson supermarket

He was amused looking at all the different food variety in a supermarket


Life Of Otis Johnson family

Old photograph of Otis family

He says, “People with wires in their ears listening to music looks like they are some CIA agents.” He also finds it amazing to see as how people are able to walk while talking on their phones without even looking where are they going.

Although, he lost his contacts with his family since 1988, still he is happy to be a part of society again and feels amazing to be outside now. He has no people around to communicate with, like he had few years ago.

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With a positive spirit, he talks about letting things go because holding on to them will only stagnate the growth and development. He doesn’t feels that society owes him anything, and is dealing with near future instead of relying on past.

That’s how he is surviving his life now

(Image Source – aljazeera)