Learn To Drape A Saree In Trendy Sonam Kapoor’s Dhoti Style

The Indian ethnic attire, saree, can be draped in many stylish ways apart from a formal drape. Slight twists and ideas can make any woman a fashionist.

One of the trendy form of draping the saree is the Nau-wari or the dhoti style which became popular after Sonam Kapoor followed it. Many fans saw Sonam Kapoor’s stylish ways of draping sarees and wondered how to do that. The video uploaded by MissMalini featuring Kalpana Shah teaches the way to drape saree in Dhoti style just like Sonam Kapoor. It’s a promising modest style for any lady to get compliments. 

Saree sonam kapoor dhoti style trendy

Sonam Kapoor In Dhoti Style Saree, Performing On Comedy Nights With Kapil 

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Kalpana Shah has draped saree for many celebrities and is well known for her different way of styling sarees . Here is her tutorial, step wise teaching the trendy dhoti style sari.

Give it a try!

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