Korean Death Schools: Where People Are Put Into Coffins Alive

Korean Death SchoolsThe exponential growth in South Korea’s economy, suddenly came up with an unwanted increase in trend of suicides. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), for every 10,000 South Koreans, 29 commit suicides. Korea currently holds the second rank globally in suicidal rates. First being Guyana, a small country in South African, where 44 people commit suicide per 10,000.Korean Death Schools

The extreme pressure of modern life, growing stress and depression, give rise to this gloomy statistics in Korea.

Approx 40 people kill themselves everyday only because of the peer pressure of beating the competition and success.Korean Death Schools

To beat this depressing situation in country, Koreans inaugurated a bizarre “Death Experience” schools to make the pupil fear death before they actually take a step to die. They are made to witness death, practically, by confronting what death can actually look like.

Korean Death Schools

Jeong Yong Mun, the head master of school.

Daily Mail U.K reported; “Jeong Yong Mun, the head master of school says that, depressed people can start appreciating their lives, if they experience to be dead for a day.”

The students lay down in their traditional coffins, while taking some pictures. They are made to compose a fake will, which is narrated to the group, along with following the funeral rituals.

Korean Death SchoolsAccording to few News Reports:

Students lay down in their coffins and before being sealed they are made experience the non existence of anything ever after.

They are left alone in dark for next 10 minutes, to observe life from an outsider’s perspective. 

After they wake up they feel refreshed and much relived from their burdens.

Then the head of the centre Jeong Yong Mun addresses to children by saying that : ‘You have seen what death feels like, you are alive, and you must fight!

Korean Death SchoolsApart from this, the education ministry also launched a smart phone app in March. With this app parents can monitor their child’s social activities and also get warned if the child is under the suicidal risk. While some parents appreciated the technology, others condemned saying that, it does not addresses the real issues for being warned.Korean Death Schools

The statistics also revealed that the majority of suicides take place in the month of November, during the college entrance exams. Also, there are only 3 major schools counted amongst the top category, becoming an another reason for cut-throat competition which results stress.

Korean Death SchoolsBut now, it is an utmost warning situation for Korea, otherwise the country will continue to loose their productive human resources, in rush of improving the economic global ranking.

Parents nagging can sometimes result in aiming an axe directly to their feet.

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