This Jolly LLB 2 Spoof Is So Hilarious That Even Megastar Akshay Kumar Couldn’t Resist Sharing It

jolly llb spoof

Bollywood or television are not the only source of entertainment today, social media is contributing equally and making all the possible efforts to entertain the masses through internet.

These days movie spoofs are in trend and recently Frustrated Filmmakerz remade the trailer of Jolly LLB, featuring Somnath Karmakar as Akshay Kumar. The video is so hilarious and catchy that even Superstar Akshay Kumar have shared this video and appreciated the efforts made by the team.

In the clip, ‘Rajiv Bhatia’ can be seen struggling to get the best actor award. From doing versatile movies to proving himself to the jury, ‘Jolly’ has done it all in this spoof. Akshay tweeted about the same saying,

Soon after Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi praises the same –

The leading role of Akshay Kumar has been played by talented artist Somnath Karmakar. He has been mimicking Akshay Kumar (along with many others) since his college days. Somnath had started his career with The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. 

Before this, he was seen in Raees Spoof, which went viral in due course of time. He had also worked in Baap ki Vakaalat series playing Arvind Kejriwal, which receives mass appraisal.

Somnath Karmakar had shared some fun experiences happened during the shoot with Gabdig,

Initially, we had selected an artist for the role of Judge, and on next day he refused to do the role. We’d selected another artist, and he also didn’t showed up on the day of shoot. In this tight situation, our team member Vibhor had agreed to do the Judges part. He even shove his head to fit the character’s demand.

The efforts by the actors and production team can be seen in these behind the scenes EXCLUSIVELY here.

jolly llb spoof

Vibhor, the saviour

jolly llb spoof

Setting up the cameras

jolly llb spoof

Shoot in progress

jolly llb spoof

Somnath Karmakar and Frustrated Filmmakerz Team


Watch the full spoof here :

‘Jolly LLB 2’ will be hitting the silver screens on February 10 this year. The flick is directed by Subhash Kapoor and also features Huma Qureshi in a key role.