This Crazy Man Took Bath In a Giant 5000 litre Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

experiment bath in coca cola

After all the insane experiments you have ever come acrossed, here is an another one. And this is insanely crazy.

TechRax has been conducting insane experiments since 2011, an known for destroying smartphones. Now they have come up with a crazy Coca-Cola swimming pool. The epic Cola pool was created with 1500 bottles & it took a lot of efforts by the team in opening and pouring the coke bottles into the pool.experiment bath in coca cola

Five thousand and six hundred (5600 lts) litres of coca cola was poured in a pool. And they made even more interesting by adding bags of Mentos and about 90 kilogram of ice. Where, Mentos added up the spice & fizz into the wacky summer pool, ice made it extra cool.

experiment bath in coca cola

Ryan jumped into the pool and this was crazy!! He swimmed into the pool like a fish and dipped his head inside the pool, like a usual pool with water. On asking about the experience he said that he could feel the smoothness and fizz onto his skin. The feeling was incredible.

The video ended with a tech destruction. When a drone was dipped into the coke pool & it was completely damaged..  :mrgreen: experiment bath in coca cola

While this crazy experiment seems interesting, the viewers are finding it completely absurd, of no purpose & wastage of money. Some expected comments also followed the video, where one user wrote “Starving kids in africa could have drink that.”

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