Indian Squash Player Declares His Kidney For Sale To Fund His Gaming

Indian Squash Player Kidney Sale Ravi DixitRavi Dixit, a squash gold medalist from Dhampur, Uttar Pradesh offered his kindey for sale to fund his participation in South Asian Games Campaign. He has been making the country proud since last 10 years & has won several medals. The brilliant young player was helpless from arranging sponsors to fund his gaming and was strained to take this step.

Till now he has been getting support from Dhampur Sugar Mill, where his father was working. He said,”Dhampur Sugar Mill has supported me but how long will they continue to support me? Next month, the games are starting in Guwahati and I am representing India. To prepare for the tournament, I am training in Chennai but I have not been able to arrange enough money to fund my campaign for the games.”

He offered his one kidney for sale through Facebook and later deleted. He wrote,

“I have lost my determination. I am ready to sell my kidney. If anyone needs a kidney, they can contact me. The price of my kidney is Rs 8 lakh,”

The moment was frustrating him as he has been representing India several times, winning medals and making the country proud. But, lack of support wasn’t allowing him to take his passion to National and International level.

Soon, his post got much attraction on social media and also came to notice of Uttar Pradesh’s politicians who promised to come forward for help.

Later, Ravi Dixit was sorry about his words and called it a “spur of moment.”Indian Squash Player Kidney Sale Apology

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