Here Are Some Of The Best RJs Of India You Don’t Want To Miss


RJ Rishi

RJ Rishi is a first timer at Red FM 93.5, who sees the world with his unique twisted perception. A lot of people’s morning begin with his voice. He has picked up his listeners out of the ordinary and given glimpses of his illuminating reality.

His creative poetry is relished and admired by his listeners a lot.



best Rj balaji

Balaji Patturaj, an Indian presenter comedian, an actor and RJ from Chennai, is well known for his BIG FM 92.7 show ‘Take it easy’, where he made prank calls to unsuspecting listeners. His versatility and creativity is admired by everyone.



best rj raunac

The voice that greets everyone with ‘Morning No.1‘ on 93.5 Red FM is of RJ Raunac. He is counted among the most celebrated RJ’s of today and his witty and funny way of entertainment is a source of recreation for generations.



best rj anurag pandey

Anurag Pandey AKA ‘Picture Pandey’ is a famous Indian media personality who also hosted ‘TV ka pehla radio show’ on Sony Mix. Currently he is hosting mid-morning show at 104, Mumbai and hold an experience of over 2 decades in broadcasting industry.



best RJ Ginnie

The girl who won the title of RJ of the year at the Golden Mic Award 2017, is currently a radio presenter with her show ‘Suno Na Dilli‘ at Radio City 91.1 FM. Her quirky conversation and free opinions is her selling point. In real life, she’s chilled out, friendly and an efficient producer who rocks her studio without any assistant.