How A Password Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Wonder how the characters of a password, if chosen appropriately, might help in changing a life from adverse to pleasant.

A man from Shanghai, Mauricio Estrella chose his password so wisely that it bought an inevitable change in his life. He shared his experiences with relatives, friends and also to a blogging platform, Medium.

Mauricio was living a monotonous life and was depressed with bad divorce and separation. One morning, while working in the office, he got a popup on his computer screen, regarding the expiry of his password, as the company policy encourages its employees to change the passwords every 30 days.

He thought of something different and used “Forgive@4H3r” as his updated password. Each time he typed his password, it was an indicator for him to forgive his ex-wife.

Using the same password multiple times a day, start to change his brain wiring unconsciously, and he began to feel a change in his perspective regarding his ex-wife. Moving on became easier.

A month later, he faced the same popup with same instructions to change the password. So, he made it this time with another big thing to happen.

Every input of password was a constant reminder for his monthly goal.

He repeated it every month. New month, new password, new goal and by the end of 30 days, the goal was always accomplished.

He had achieved following goals from respective passwords –

Forgive@h3r : For the ex-wife
Quit@smoking4ever : Worked
Save4trip@thailand : Worked
Eat2times@day : Didn’t work. Still fat
Sleep@before12 : Worked
ask@her4date : Worked. He was in love again
no@drinking2months : Worked
Get@C4t! : Worked. Have a beautiful cat.
facetime2mom@sunday : Worked. Started talking to mom every week.
Save4@ring : Life changes again.

He eagerly waits for every month to change his password for something new to happen in his life, and it continued for 2 years. He suggests that, with a right mindset and attitude, anyone can bring sound changed in their tough lives.

If you opt for the same method, be cautious about the security. Add symbols or numbers or scramble a bit in beginning and end of the password. pL4y_s4f3!

Best thing since sliced bread !