How The Real Heroes of #ChennaiFloods Performed In Adversity

We all know Chennai has been a victim of a massive natural disaster, caused due to nonstop rainfall for 17 days, which was also the highest recorded rainfall since 100 years. More than 450 people have died and over 1.8 million have been displaced in this disaster.

Supply of basic necessities like water, milk and vegetables were affected badly by the logistical difficulties. Apart from this, fuel supplies and travel has been adversely affected by the heavy rains. Thus, shortage of these necessities has resulted into the increased price of these basic commodities by 10 times.

Where some people were busy making money out of the disaster, there are many from Tollywood stars to common people, who came forward with an open heart to help the Chennai people as much as they can.

Let’s get familiar to these people who came forward for the sufferers, to make their hardships slightly comfortable in tough days. 

ADITHYA VENKATESH, an employee working in an MNC, Bangalore took a leave from his work to reach the people in need of help. He took an initiative by offering help to all the pregnant ladies in Chennai. He updated on his social networking account, “For any pregnant woman in Chennai, please don’t worry about hospital costs, go to any hospital you wanna go for delivery in Chennai,
I will pay up costs from my pockets and with help of my friends … Even if it is Apollo don’t hesitate to go there …. Call me on 9901951808

RAM KASHYAPresident of Bangalore was shuttling between Bangalore and Chennai for only to offer help in Chennai. On December 3, he carried basic needs like food, containers, paper cups, umbrella, raincoat and also money for fuels.

On December 4, he planned his second trip to Chennai from Bangalore accompanying 20 cars and 3 trucks, which was an outcome of his campaign for Donation to Chennai victims and only because of him and his idea of campaigning, not much expected commodities were also offered for help like, baby care products, first aid kits ,motorcycle tubes etc.

These young blood deserves a big round of applauds.

Where army stood an unstoppable force in saving lives of people, our Tollywood actors also came in front to help the sufferers by providing financial aid.

Leading actors of South Indian cinema which includes Superstar Rajnikanth offered Rs 10 Lakhs to Chief Minister ‘s Relief Fund. His son in law Dhanush also contributed Rs  5 lakh and Singham Movie starer Suriya offered Rs 25 Lakhs, Allu Arjun offered Rs 25 Lakhs, Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu contributed Rs 10 lakh and Ravi Teja offered Rs 5 lakh for the help of victims of Chennai.

There are many who came forward to serve the needful, the list might be endless. But, their work and ideas stood as a blessing for everyone in trouble and they truly deserve to be acknowledged. Chennai still has a long way to go to get back it’s feet, and we should contribute for it as much as we can.

You can contribute for Chennai Victims Here.

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