This 20 yrs Old Ranveer Singh’s Duplicate From Pakistan Is Smashing The Social Media

20 years old Hammad Shoaib from Faisalabad, Pakistan is in the limelight these days because he resembles Bollywood’s Ranveer Singh. To top it all, he is a Bollywood admirer and is seen quite active in sharing about his resemblance with Ranveer Singh to his social networks.

Whenever Shoaib shared his pictures and videos on Facebook, his friends used to compare him to Ranveer Singh but he never took it too seriously or thought of it being this much popular.

He sports the exact same hairstyle and beard style which makes him very less differentiated from real Ranveer Singh. It’s quite easy for him to prank people, and yes, he owns the fan following too. This young guy has reached the Pakistani news headlines and his followers on social networks are increasing every minute.

This is what Ranveer’s mirror image has to say on becoming a news sensation,

“I don’t imitate Ranveer Singh but I like his personality. I don’t compare myself with him but people do. I still don’t believe that I look like him, but according to other people, the resemblance is a lot. I get compliments from men too, but as you know, it feels really good when you receive compliments from beautiful ladies.”

Shoaib has a fantastic taste in dressing too. He often wears bright shirts and jackets, coupled with skinny, just-over-the-ankle jeans, and loafers or formal shoes. (Thankfully this duplicate has a fashion sense better than original one) He can even dance quite good.

Magar jee nahi sakte, tumhare bina.

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I look and stare so deep in your eyes.

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He always wanted to be a part of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and showbiz. Now he is getting amazing offers from TV industry and is looking forward to work on some good projects.

Undoubtedly, Pakistani men are a perfect cocktail of good looks but this time we are quite surprised to witness a perfect lookalike of Ranveer Singh in Pakistan.