Beware! You Will Be Fined If You Touch Bar Girls Again

Illegal Near Bar Dancer Girls

To curb the obscenity and vulgarity in dance bars of Mumbai, Government is soon going to amend a new law which will be more strict and uncompromising. Sources say that a person will be penalized on touching bar girls with Rs. 50,000 along with an imprisonment for 6 months.

Maharashtra’s cabinet meet held on Tuesday has already drafted the law and the decree also talks about the other precise guidelines for dance bars.

For the visitors it is compulsory to carry an identity card to enter the dance bars and they are suppose to leave before 11:30PM. (earlier it was 2AM)

If an illegal dance bar (without license) is found to be in operation, the owner will be liable for a fine of Rs 25 lakh and/or imprisonment for five years. The offence will be non-bailable and cognizable. The draft suggests those visiting dance bars must be over 25 years and carry a valid age and identity proof.

All the dance bars will be under observation of CCTV cameras and recording of footage is compulsory everyday. The owner will have to keep the CCTV footage for 30 days. It suggests a fine of Rs 10 lakh or imprisonment for 3 years if the owner of a dancer is found to be exploited.

Customers won’t be allowed to smoke or take drugs but the alcoholic beverages are allowed to be served only outside the dance’s premises. For bar dancers, woman under 25 years of age won’t be allowed to work as dance girls.

A strict rule has also been drafted for the dance to be performed, as it should not be with any vulgar steps or with gross gestures and not more than 4 girls are allowed to perform on stage. Also, the customers won’t be allowed to throw that filthy money on dance girls.

The new law seems promising and compliance to these is likely make the situation better after recent lifting of ban from dance bars in Maharashtra.

All the dance bars were banned in year 2005 after several sex rackets were caught, which resulted to unemployment of more than 1.5 Lakh people.