Giethoorn, A Beautiful Village With NO Roads

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Have u ever imagined of being at a place which is free from chaos or are you sick of cobwebs settled around you ?

Well, visiting Giethroon once will give you much peace & refreshment with it’s serenity & beauty that u would love to be here forever. The only noise which u can hear can either be quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds.

Giethroon is small and undoubtedly a beautiful village located in Netherlands in the municipality of Steenwijkerland.

Giethoorn’s name originates from the first inhabitants’ discovery of hundreds of goat horns (gietehorens) in the marshland, remnants of a 10th-century flood. Today no goat horns will be found here, but the vegetation is quite distinct still. Here you will find yourself on the edge of vast series of lakes and canals, ideal for boating, angling and paddle-cycling.

It is often known to be “the venice of the North.” It is too quiet, too serene and remote. It is so calm that its nickname of the “Dutch Venice” may give a false impression of size and crowds and commercialism.


beautiful village

A narrow pathway only for for bicycles.

  • It’s interesting to know that this place has NO ROADS for vehicles.

  • The canals are around one meter deep which were dug out for the transport which resulted in many lakes and ponds called ‘Wieden’.

  • The place became famous after 1958 when the Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra made a comedy film ‘fanfare’ there(Bollywood must look into it, can be a great location for romantic shoots).

  • Houses here are lined up along the canal and the preferred method of transport is punting, i.e. traveling in whisper boats which makes no sound.

  • There were no roads lately a small pathway for only bicycles was eventually added later.

  • Giethoorn is a very popular attraction among Chinese tourists. The village of only 2620 inhabitants sees between 150,000 and 200,000 Chinese tourists every year.

ATTRACTIONSbeautiful village

The best thing you can do here is to spend your leisure time in auto-free zone, chill and admire the canals, ponds and the scenery which will never bore you.
You can rent a boat & explore the waterways.

But the boat is not the only way you can be on the water here. You can also rent an inflatable ball, and after you are positioned inside of the big transparent ball, you can literally walk on water or float. If you prefer to spend time on land instead, you can rent a bicycle and explore the village and its beautiful scenery.

By cycling, you will be able to explore the Dutch countryside with farm animals and endless fields. But if you are less fond of water activities & sporty things then you can choose to stay in Giethoorn, relax, eat at some of the restaurants there or museums.

MUSEUEMSbeautiful village

“Het Olde Maat Uus” Museum

You can walk in the Museum “Het Olde Maat Uus” where you can see and experience how a typical farmhouse in Giethoorn looked like a century ago. The museum is open Monday-Saturday 11.00-17.00 and on Sunday’s from 12.00. Admission is 4 euro for an adult and 1 euro for a child.

Museum de Oude Aarde

Another interesting museum is the Museum de Oude Aarde where you can find a wide collection of gemstones and minerals. Adults can enter for 3.50 euro and children for 2.50. From March to October it is open from 10:00 to 18:00 and between November and March it is open from 10:00 to 17:00.

The Histomobil

If you are interested in old cars, there is a specialized museum here as well. The Histomobil provides a vast collection of cars, motorcycles and carriages.

The place is promising with giving you peace & refreshment from your sickness & tiredness with monotonous routine. Give time to visit this small village, make sure you don’t ruin the beauty being admired by everyone, as it is also known as one of the place counted as HEAVEN on EARTH.