Internet Is Going Crazy After Fake Pics Of Deepika And Zayn Malik TOGETHER


Deepika Padukone and Zayn Malik, the two most appreciated talents of Bollywood industry are dating their better halves Ranveer Singh and Gigi Hadid, who are also among the same list of stars.


But their fans are going crazy after #Zaypika, which is fictional editing of Zayn Malik and Deepika Padukone TOGETHER MORE LIKE A COUPLE.
Phenomenal hard work is being done by the teenagers to depict these stars perfectly in a relationship through photoshopping.

I made something. Zaypika manip ? -Dinah .x #Zaypika

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Not only the images but videos as well.



The stills and scenes from their respective movies are compiled together with a fine touch of love songs.



And this Aladdin edition is the most appreciating and cutest among all.



Oh Wait.. Their is also a fan fiction written about their their romantic love story <3


Fake Pics Deepika Zayn Malik Editing

Image Source

Fake Pics Deepika Zayn Malik Editing

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Internet Is Going Crazy!

Before this, Kirby Jenner who calls himself the Faternal Twin of Jenner became popular on internet where, Kirby Jenner was editing himself with the Kardashians in the same but more hilarious way.