Fading Memories Came Alive

Fading Memories

Dad, see. I got a gold medal for coming first in my class,” chirped little Aarav. 
“Okay. Keep up your performance. Now let me work please.”
“Why are you always so cold with your son, Hridhaan? He is excitedly showing you something.” Said his wife, Mansi.
Hridhaan placed his laptop aside and took Aarav on his lap. Aarav’s joy knew no bounds. He hugged his dad, tight.
“Now say. What else happened in your Annual Programme?”
“You know dad, I was given my medal by Shravya. She is so good. She even talked to me for a while. I loved her smile. I wish I could meet her again.”
“She is a writer. Bestseller right now. Come out of your Share Market, then only you would know what’s trending in the world.” intervened Mansi.

Now it was a daily habit of Hridhaan to ignore the taunts of his wife. Never did Mansi even tried to understand him. Maybe now Hridhaan was lamenting over the mistake he did by leaving a loving girl 10 years ago. He was frustrated with his own life, the one which he chose, and feeling to be great.
After Aarav left, Hridhaan took back his laptop. He opened Wikipedia and searched “Shravya, the writer“.

As the page opened, a bright smile spread on his face, reaching his eyes. He could feel his grin. This was happening to him after years. He just said to himself, “The girl hasn’t yet changed. Her smile still captures hearts. It had caught me 10 years back, mesmerized my son today. I still remember how happy she was when she show me her first poem. I couldn’t even understand that it was written for me. I remember our meet when she cried and said she would always be inking her pain. The pain which I gave her. I wonder if she still writes for me. I wish she was still mine. I wish.” 
And he wiped a tear which was about to drop from the corner of his eye.

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