The City Of Wealth And Junkyard Of Luxury Cars

While you move through Dubai airport or roadside, it might be an usual view of seeing luxurious sports car being clogged in parking and layered with dust all over them, because some rich brat abandoned them. The city is turning into the Luxury Cars Junkyard.

Dubai is famous for its lavish lifestyle and car culture. Its quite common people buying German and Italian sports cars to compliment their lifestyle and to be a centre of attraction amongst peers there.
Then they hit with debt and financial cricis and rather than facing Dubai strict law, they abandon the car in parking or somewhere and leaves the country.

Ferrari Enzo worth $1.6 Million, gathering dust in dubai junkyard (source)

Ferrari Enzo worth $1.6 Million, gathering dust in dubai junkyard     (source)

Not only BMW’s and Mercedes but also Ferraris and Porches could be seen flooding the parking.

Dubai doesn’t provide protection against bankruptcy to its citizens. Non-payment of debt is a criminal offence. Prison rules are too harsh to deal with. You have to go to jail if you are under debt or bankruptcy. And when the time get hard many foreigners flee to their land back leaving their dream car in parking.
Cars are found with apology notes in them. Some with key in the ignition lock.

Abandoned Porsche Cayman      (source)



Porsche (source)


DeLorean – the only model ever produced by the company, can be found in Dubai’s Car junkyard. (source)


Once a vehicle is suspected of being abandoned , a warning notice would be issued. If the owner does not claim in 15 days then the car would be taken to scrapyard where it can still be reclaimed for small fee.

Residents too complain of the vehicles hogging in parking leaving a little or no space for them.

People who left must have gone through certain understandable circumstances. But for the rest, this view is just as a MUSEUM.

People come to Dubai in search of riches and you land a nice job, start earning good money and the banks start calling you offering you loans and credit cards like crazy. Many are tempted to take many loans and credit cards and then they suddenly lose their jobs and return to their countries leaving the cars on the airport or in their driveway with the keys inside. In the apartment block where I live there are 4 cars parked which have been abandoned.
Veronique Gwynith