Dj Wale Babu Is No More A Party Song But A Devotional Bhajan

After innumerable Bhajans composed in tune of Bollywood songs, it’s now time for Badshah’s party anthem to come under the knives of creative forces. The DJ Wale Babu‘s music has been transfigured to “Shera Wali Maata” and lyrics are so innovative that it won’t fail you to entertain.

The popularity of “Shera Wali Maata MIX” is becoming a big hit and it’s long lasting, until something more novel and funny comes along.

Oh Wait! there are few more versions which are definitely going to make your day. Try Not To Laugh Hard.

Nothing can replace the Aunty’s Dholak version of DJ Wale Babu, apt for every sangeet function.


Even the minions couldn’t resist from remixing the popular party anthem.


And these Girls are begging “Fashion wale Babu” for more “Swag” but surprisingly, it’s featuring the original DJ Wale Babu (Badshah)

These performances are flowing out like lava! We admit, India’s Got Talent.