Did interviewing SRK turned the luck of Sunder Pichai ??

Sunder Pichai
CEO, Google Inc.
B.Tech ( metallurgy ) , IIT Kharagpur
M. S. , Stanford University
MBA, The Wharton School
Born in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Pichai Sundararajan, better known as Sunder Pichai, is an Indian businessman and a CEO at Google, where he oversees Android, Chrome, Google apps, search, research, maps, commerce, ads, infrastructure, and Google+.

2014, Shah Rukh Khan joins Sunder Pichai for a Fireside Chat at the Googleplex to answer a few questions and promote his upcoming movie “Happy New Year.”
The applauds this time for Sunder Pichai were for hosting SRK. Interviewing SRK was an honour for him. From very beginning after welcoming the SRK, we came to know that Sunder Pichai is married when he tells SRK, sharing humor, being worried for his wife as she went to attend his show last night about which the SRK claimed, “every women there was willing to marry him & this time he wasn’t saying no to any one of them.”

Being a good host, he came up with every other questions to be answered by the great celeb, which the viewers are not aware of.
Sunder questioned about the SRK’s start up in Bollywood industry, on which SRK narrated his past days when he used to do theatre & how he reached to Mumbai from Delhi & never went back again.

Later, while discussing about the SRK’s work outside the movies talking about “KKR & Red Chillies” SRK shared his business aspects, working hard & making money but desire to be a sports player made him buy a whole team. He talks about his failure in KKR which stood a roller coaster ride for five years but motivated audience saying that

“Just When You Think Things Are Going To Go Wrong, If You Hold On To Them, They Kind Of Turn Around. Just That Last Brink Is Always The Most Important Ones”

Would that be justifiable to say that Sunder got influenced by his phrase & decided to rule over silicon valley anyhow ?

Talking about the education, SRK admits;

“You don’t need books or teachers for education when Google is there, because he himself got so much to learn from Google.”

While the whole crowd was cheering up the celebs, Sunder Pichai was hoping for his name as well, he said sarcastically.Who knew few months later his name would be recalled by almost every other country.