Must Watch! what Christiano Ronaldo did as a beggar

Football hero, Christiano Ronaldo showed his remarkable love for his fans disguised as a beggar.

With a fake moustache, beard, wig & just a few kick-ups with children left the entire crowd shocked making their day unforgettable which was never dreamed of.

Ronaldo further proved that he is football’s nicest guy, by wearing a disguise and surprising a young Madrid fan.

Christiano Ronaldo begger

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The Real superstar donned a fat suit and fake moustache, beard and wig, before doing kick-ups with local children in the Spanish capital.

Ronaldo pulled off this stunt at the busy Plaza de Callao in downtown Madrid, so the general public quickly swarmed around the world’s best player as soon as he revealed himself.

At last, the young got his football autographed & the whole crowd captured moment in their cameras.

What a remarkable unforgettable gesture by the football hero. APPLAUDS!