China’s Famous Suicidal Point Is Now Also A Tourists Place

There are some beautiful and well known places on Earth, which are famous for tourism because people commit suicide there. The chances of survival of those who attempted suicide is extremely low and more than 38,000 people commit suicide every year in US alone.


China Famous Suicidal Point Tourists Place

Man Looking At Nanjing Yangtez River Bridge Located In China


Nanjing Yangtez River Bridge located in China is one of the famous suicidal tourist spot. This bridge was build in year 1968 and as per government suicidal statistics of 2015, more than 2000 people have committed suicide here. Meanwhile, police records of 2007 reveal that 100 to 200 people are rescued every year.

China Famous Suicidal Point Tourists Place

The following statistics cannot be said reliable as neither the bodies are recovered from water nor the police include their count among total deaths. Majority of the coming to commit suicide, come from outside the city.

On seeing the devastating situation, a local man Chen Si, devoted his free time in saving lives of people. He visits the place often on patrolling to help anyone in strain and also gives a phone call support along with a place to stay in his extra bedroom.

A 3min film has also been documented on Chen Si, named as Angel of Nanjing which has won several awards.

Watch the movie here –



It is important to understand that suicide does not take away the pain.. But, it gives to someone else. Sometimes sharing problems with others or listening to others can save important lives.