10 Celebrity Homes That Are Too Beautiful To Be True

Have you ever wished to see the glimpses of celebrities lifestyle, specially where do they live or what do their homes look like ? That’s pretty much obvious that what they spend on their mansions is much more than an ordinary person’s imagination.

Out of many celebrities owning a royal home, these accommodation are not far away anymore for a common man to have a look. The outsiders get to see large bungalow but what’s inside remains a mystery. Furthermore, how much do they spend on their homes to make it look so lavish and regal has been estimated, and figures are quite surprising for us.

Check Out! these ultimate celebrities property from Hollywood, which will give you a magnificent vibe..

Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood Hills

Beautiful Celebrity HomesThis highly acclaimed actor owns properties on a vast scale. He owns a Bungalow in Hollywood Hills, with two adjoining land parcels, one of them was purchased by Madonna. Leo also owns two two Malibu beachfront homes with 7 bedrooms and they are rented for $75,000 per month.

Leo lives in his apartment in New York which is also an eco-friendly riverhouse, a Battery Park City condo that pumps out twice-filtered air and water to residents.

Will Smith, Calabasas

Beautiful Celebrity HomesWill Smith and His wife Jada owns a gorgeous home in Calabasas, which is spread at a stretch of 25,000 sq. ft. The entire interior of house with circular floor plan has been designed in comparison of Will and Jade’s love with infinite circle.

Interior designer Judith Lance says that everything in the house “had to look handcrafted but at the same time refined and sophisticated.”

Selena Gomez, Hollywood Hills

Selena-Gomez Beautiful Celebrity HomesSelena has recently owned a mansion in Hollywood Hills with a process tag of $3 Million only. The house also has a courtyard in center which is also a great place for Paparazzi moments while entertaining the fans out.

Rihanna, Hollywood Hills

Beautiful Celebrity HomesRihanna purchased this mansion in Hollywood Hills for $7 million. She named her house as “The Fortress.” The place is not welcomed for the outsiders, Paparazzi or unwanted guests including ex, Chris Brown.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Southern France

Beautiful Celebrity HomesThe couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought this lavish mansion in Southern France for whooping $60 Millions. The idea to live in another country was to get rid of the everyday paparazzi. Their mansion is majestic and a dream for everyone. It has 35 rooms, a moat, a helicopter pad and much more.. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brentwood Country Estates

Beautiful Celebrity HomesThe actor, and governor of California, lives under guard gated in Brentwood Country Estates, with wife Maria Shriver.  He bought this 12,000 sq. ft. seven-bedroom home on a hilltop in 2002. The spacious mansion has 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and has all the luxurious amenities including a swimming pool, a tennis court along with enthralling views of the Pacific Ocean.

Eminem, Detroit

Beautiful Celebrity HomesThis world famous rapper lives in 15,129 square foot mansion in Rochester Hills, Detroit. His estate includes six bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a tennis court, groomed lake, launch dock, pool, five car garage and 21 rooms. Eminem bought the residence in 2003 for $4.75 million dollars. 

Current estimates value of Eminem’s house is just over $4 million. The value has been impacted by the decline in home values all across the Detroit metropolitan area.

Britney Spears, California

Beautiful Celebrity HomesBritney’s recent mansion has been at $8.9 Millions which is a Spanish style estate at a stretch of 8,456 square feet, with two plots for a total of over 61,000 square feet of land. The property has three separate wings for guests, master and children. With a grant entryway, pool in her house is said to be divine with a waterfall. It also has an outdoor bar lounge for small celebrity’s get together.

Jennifer Lawrence, Beverly Hills

Beautiful Celebrity HomesJennifer has recently paid more than $7 Millions to own this house, spread at a stretch of 5,550 sq. ft. in Beverly Hills, CA and this mansion seems to be more than a reputation for her. She says, “I just moved into a house. I am in the middle of decorating it. It’s Ellen DeGeneres’s old house. It was Jessica Simpson’s old house. It’s like the neighborhood whore.”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Bel-Air

Beautiful Celebrity HomesThe couple has spent $21.5 million in buying and repairing this French mansion in Bel-Air and which covers 9,000 square feet. It has an elevator, 5 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms. Beside 7 bathrooms, Kanye shares same bathroom with Kim.

We thoroughly enjoyed this virtual walk through the celebs home.. Hope you did too!