Celebrities And Their Plastic Faces

In their pursuit to defy age, these once-upon-a-time gorgeous divas now look like cosmetic eyesores. Botox overload and excessive surgeries shows an opposite result to these celebrities compared to what they dreamed of.


Some may call Kylie minogue as the ‘Queen of botox’. Supposedly, some time ago, a botox overload froze her face for a week and the singer could manage just one expression-pained! But perhaps that look just stuck on, for she’s been looking that way for quite some time now.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - sridevi

They her called Michael Jackson because of her clever dance moves. But perhaps Sridevi has taken the tag a tad to seriously. Look at her closely, her wizened face has actually started to resemble the late king of pop.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - madhuri

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Is it a botox overload or a cruel iron that has steamed out all the lines on the once-upon-a-time gorgeous Madhuri dixit nene’s face? Whatever it is, her face now looks as plastic as it can get.
Time to become the Tupperware brand ambassador, eh?


celebrities bad plastic surgery - Anushka

First seen on Koffee with Karan after pout surgery.

Actress Anushka Sharma is known to go overboard with her nips ‘n’ tucks. This time, she’s got herself a weird pout that makes her look like a trout gasping for breath-permanently!


celebrities bad plastic surgery - mallika

Her ability to lip-lock with co-actors has done so well for her and she knew what needs to be done to continue her sex-goddess image in film industry.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - zinta

Tusshar kapoor had once said that when the word ‘botox’ pops up, the name Preity Zinta comes to his mind though she never confirmed, preity sure looks as if she needs a little help with her facial movements these days. Watch few episodes of  ‘Nach Baliye’ to know more.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - nicole

Nicole kidman’s botox fixation has tightened her face to the point that her eyes seem to jut out. No wonder she’s looking more and more like the conniving witch she essayed in ‘The Golden Compass’.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - catherine

Gossipmongers insist that catherine zeta jones has severely ironed out the lines on her forehead to such an extent that her face looks over stretched. Though the lines are erased, but she definitely doesn’t look like the charming Elena Montero from ‘The Mask Of Zorro’ anymore.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - shilpa

Actress Shilpa Shetty looks more and more unrecongnizable these days. First we heard rumours of nose surgeries, then lip, botoxed forehead and now god knows what…
Present status: She looks no more like the Shilpa Shetty we used to know.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - rekha

She’s 65 plus but refuses to acknowledge it. Though she has convinced herself that she defies age, Rekha is surely looking like an over bleached head mistress of botox university.


celebrities bad plastic surgery - christina

Though Christina Aguilera loves to flaunt her fair nordic looks, unfortunately for her, they seem to have frozen in time, and left her looking stony faced.

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