These Troublesome Pictures From World War 2 Will Shiver You To The Core

During 1940’s, Hitler resorted to terror attacks on civilians, including the full-scale bombing of London (pictured) and other English towns. The attacks killed tens of thousands of Britons.

The World War 2 had witnessed several deaths and torture. No conflict has been recorded in cameras so well as World War 2. The best pictures captured from historical World War II are highly dismal, sad and remorseful. The images are so powerful that we can barely imagine the bloodshed caused by warfare.

Cities were obliterated; national borders were altered; revolutionary and, in some cases, fearsome military, medical, communication and transportation technology were invented; and tens of millions were killed — the majority of them civilians. Simply put, the world of August 1945, when the war ended, bore little resemblance to that of September 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

This side of World War is not familiar with everyone and these pictures tell us what actually happened in history. Not just the pictures, the captions are a brutal storyteller, disturbing and disappointing.

WW-II lasted from 1939 to 1945. Seven decades have passed since the world war has ended but it’s impact on global change will never fade.

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