Fill Your Poetic Appetite With These Timeless Shayaris By Munawwar Rana

Though we usually aren’t an ardent follower of rhythmical creation of beauty in words, there’s no chance that we’ve never admired any form of poetry. Out of many talented and notable poets, their is one name which has changed the face of Shayari by mostly writing mother-centric Ghazals instead of usual love-relationship kind.

Munnawwar Rana, a renounced modern Urdu poet is famous for his notable feature of poetry who keeps his verses subtle with no flowery language, which is the reason of his striking success. Most of his poems are inclined towards Mother as the prime subject, much different from other poets who usually talk about lost love in their verses.

64 year old Munnawwar Rana hails from Rae Bareily and is currently residing in Lucknow, U.P. with his family. He has been acknowledged with many awards and achievements since he began poetry but, in year 2014 when he was awarded with “Sahitya Akademi Award for Urdu in Literature” he fell into false allegations and irrelevant conspiracies from ruling party. In year 2015 he returned the award and vowed to never accept any awards in future and remain a shayar, luring his listeners with his couplets for a lifetime.

It’s difficult to present his masterpieces in one space, still we have tried to present you his 10 very popular poetry (shayri) of all time. Some are witty, some are dark and some are just few couplet from a ghazal.

List of some of his memorable verses :

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munawwar rana shayari

Thakan Ko Odh Ke Bistar Mai Jakar Let Gaye,

Hum Apni Qabr-e-Mukarrar Mai Jakar Let Gaye,

Tamaam Umar Hum Ek Dusre Se Ladte Rahe,

Mare To Barabar Mai Jakar Let Gaye.


munawwar rana shayari

Aa Kahin Milte Hain Hum Ke Baharein Aa Jayein,

Issey Pehle Ke Talluk Mai Dararein Aa Jayein,

Ye Jo Khuddari Ka Maila Sa Angocha Hai Mera,

Mai Agar Bech Du To Kai Caarein Aa Jayein.


munawwar rana shayari

Darbar Mai jab Auhdo Ke Liye Pairo Mai Ana (Swabhimaan) Gir Jaati Hai,

Kaumo Ke Sar Jhuk Jaate Hain Chakra Ke Haya Gir Jati Hai,

Ab Tak To Hamari Aankhon Ne Bas Do Hi Tamashe Dekhe Hain,

Ya Kaum Ke Rehber Girte Hain, Ya Loksabha Gir Jati Hai.



munawwar rana shayari

So Jata Hai Footpath pe Akhbaar Bicha Kar,

Mazdoor Kabhi Neend Ki Goli Nahi Khata.


munawwar rana shayari

Bacchon Ki Fees, Un Ki Kitaabein, Kalam, Davaat

Meri Gareeb Aankhon Mai School Chubh Gya.


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