Awful Pictures From The Battleground Of NIT Campus

After India lost the WT20 semi final against West Indies, some Kashmiri¬†students chanted anti Indian slogan and celebrated the defeat. At this, Non Kashmiris waved Indian flags chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.” Since then entire college campus has turned into a brutal battleground and the students are being beaten mercilessly by the police.

After the whole incidence took place, Deputy CM says:

“There was mild Lathi Charge when NIT students tried to move to the gate to meet media -Nirmal Singh, J&K Deputy CM.”

He is calling it Mild Attacks.

Not only this, sources say that Girls were intimidated from getting raped. The situation is devastating, we can judge how brutal was the incidence from the pictures which we are sharing with you.

Nothing can be more worse than this. What’s wrong with the youth ?

Click Next To See The Images From NIT Campus (some of them can be disturbing)